ski season ticket Vs swiss knife


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hello everyone,

For those of you who still believe that a ski season ticket is a ticket that allows you to ski the whole season (duh)... check this out...

Marty Lempkin - EPIC PASS Infomercial - YouTube

ps: also, read Marty's book if you have the chance to... you're gonna love it!:DDD

ps2: who recognises him wins 1 epic pass!!


HAHAHAH!!! EPIC :D!! I love him and I just discover that I really need an EPIC PASS :CICCIO!!

ps2: who recognises him wins 1 epic pass!!

Colby West!


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I think, if you are enjoying the better condition and the track is totally clean up and some trained person are there for help to ticket is a very little think on above mentioned things.
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