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senseFly's eBee drone maps Swiss alpine valley

senseFly's eBee drone maps Swiss alpine valley - Durata: 2.72 minuti. Votazione: 4.9228296. Video visto 87711 volte.

senseFly ( successfully demonstrated the 3D mapping capabilities of the eBee (, its fully autonomous mini drone under extreme conditions. Last weekend, the eBee conducted a mapping mission in the mountains above Zermatt at altitudes of up to 3000 meters and performed linear landings in deep snow. Several flights were conducted to map small hamlets and valleys at temperatures below -10░C (14░F).

senseFly's eBee drone maps Swiss alpine valley #drone #uas?
#drone #UAV?
I ┤m happy to see that parrot invests in more than simple toys! This tool seems really powerfull?
$10,600?? Why exactly is it so expensive? It only takes pictures right? Guess we pay a round 10.000 for the software.. hmm?
Peut-on l'Úquiper de capteur calorifique ??
gibt ja wunderbares spielzeug :)
Another interesting video about the use of drones in field work. More exemples in SenseFly channel on Youtube:
Impressive senseFly's eBee drone?
senseFly's eBee drone maps Swiss alpine valley?
This is so cool!
The sound of the propeller usually scares them.
Hi, I'm not 100% sure if pricing changes dramatically depending on which country your based. But for the model included in this video your looking at just under $50,000AUD for the unit.