Massiccio del Sella, Val Gardena


Ski Crashes

Ski Crashes - Durata: 10.92 minuti. Votazione: 4.4366198. Video visto 97511 volte.

Alpine Skiing Ski Crashes Fall Accident Death Dead Crazy Bode Miller Daniel Albrecht Scott Macartney Mattias Lanzinger Hermann Maier Aksel Lund Svindal Todd Baker Ulrike Maier Janica Kostelic Kosteli? Kosteli?

So brutal fall 1:30 :( and Lanzinger too... uhh?
omg 1:38 the leg broke. So gross ?
do you think thats cool??Mattias Lanzinger had lost his leg because of the crash If you think so I will hope that you will also feel that pain... I'm also skier and I'm often taking part at such races... and i know what I'm speaking about when I say that is horrible. stupid video P.S.: If you delete this comment I'll know how weak you are..
omg poor guys i hope they are still alive
Fuck ich hab mir das Video nur zu Hälfte angesehen, da hats mir schon gereicht....
i dont understand why these videos get age-restricted yet all the rap videos and such dont. this video teaches young people that no matter how skilled you are, things can go wrong. so try to be as safe as possible and follow all the rules at your hill
this is awesome!!
no it sucks for ulrike maier who died from her crash!
i was a photog at the aspen womens sl race in 2008 when the dog ran across around the second to last gate...i got the whole sequence on film... cool..
I'm excited for the next season... I'm loving the tracks.
SHE is death...the pist was completely icy. before her run she said its too dangerous to ride down but she did it anyway
2:14 ouch
Ulrike Maier... R.I.P.
4:50 he says Shit Happens
what thats name of music ´0025 - 01 02
the first dude really died my dad was there
i don't think so . 2 died, 1 lost his foot and 2 other had so much pain that they had to be in deepsleep. sry for my english.
gernot reinstadler RIP
01:26 Wiso zuckt er da?
4:51 did he just say what i think he said?!?!?!
das ist ne reaktion des körpers während er in dir bewusstlosigkeit übergeht
ouch that french dude screams at the end lol AAAHHHH lol
in 2011 he almost finished on one ski :) He is Awesome